Meeting at Lone Star Studios

This meeting took place at Lone Star Studios courtesy of owner Bill Fitzgibbons.  The groups had a chance to talk to potential supporters and reveal the finished doors to date, to each other.  The veterans and artists had a chance to speak about how the process of designing, creating and finishing the door had meant to them on a personal level.  The impromptu testimonials gave a great sense of accomplishment and a renewed affirmation that the program has merit.

Where do we come from?-What are we?-Where are we going?

The individuals comprised of veterans, artist and community activist meet for the first time to begin a new journey in groups of three.  Special Thank You to the Southwest School of Art for opening its doors to our "Open the Door" pilot project.

Knowing Others

This workshop delves into the creative process and gives the groups time to connect further, creating stronger connections allowing for the collaboration process to work.

What is Imagination?

The third meeting involved getting into the details of what the collaborative designs would become.  Then the fourth gathering at Cody Vance's studio is where the groups saw there doors for the first time and began preparing them before getting to work on final designs